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Thanks to Sara Calabro, founder and editor of AcuTake, her article quoting me and 11 other acupuncturists offering healthy lifestyle tips is now in AcuTake and the Huffington Post Healthy Living section. 

Stretch Before Bed. "Stretching in the evening is just as important as in the morning, which is when most people think about doing it. Like acupuncture, stretching helps break up stagnation and encourages movement throughout the channels. Stretching in the evening helps loosen the muscles that haven't been used during the day. Many people spend their evenings sitting on the couch watching TV. Some hit the gym first thing in the morning, then sit at a desk all day. These routines prime the body for stiffness, and can produce pain at night and upon waking. Patients of mine who follow my advice to stretch at night report better sleep quality, and less pain and stiffness in the morning."

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