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"Allison provided excellent treatment for my knee issues that has helped immensely to reduce the pain and suffering I was experiencing. She also helped me identify other physical, mental, and emotional issues (some I was not even aware of!). I was astonished to discover how much I could be helped by acupuncture treatments. Under Allison's empathetic and competent care I received many benefits. Allison is a wonderful, caring acupuncturist.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to explore healing with acupuncture." -Patti

"Allison's treatments have helped me immeasurably.  I have a complex medical history; her treatments were very much on target on a number of medical fronts. Prior to my knee replacement, Allison definitely helped ease the pain. I also attribute her treatments to my remarkable recovery after surgery; doctors and physical therapists were amazed. I also attribute her skill to motivating me to work hard at physical therapy after my surgery." -Mary

 "Allison has been treating me at Tai Sophia for more than a year. She is courteous and thorough in determining overall health issues. She has excellent communication skills, describing the treatments, techniques and anticipated outcomes. Her treatments have always been focused around my expectation of the outcomes. I have enjoyed the after effects of restful sleep and overall increase of sense in well-being." -Art 

"I have known Allison for a little over a year as her patient. Allison is very kind and has been genuinely concerned about my illness. She has shown great commitment to helping me find and treat my health issues. I have also seen how dedicated she is to her work. I am confident that Allison will be successful in her field, as she has proven to me a very thoughtful, dedicated, and genuinely helpful acupuncturist." -Moe

"I had considered acupuncture for quite a while, but was apprehensive and worried about finding a trustworthy and skilled acupuncturist. I feel fortunate to have found Allison. Not only did she come highly recommended, she was also very responsive when I contacted her to make my first appointment. Allison's caring and knowledgeable approach to her practice make her the ideal acupuncturist for anyone who may be curious but hesitant to try.  She is thorough, patient and communicative." -Tereza


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Allison Rowan, M.Ac., L.Ac.

410-279-5702 cell